Photography: Evgenia Vradiy, Model: Stana.

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Ceruleum Blue Earrings

1,300 Kč
Simple & elegant, these minimalist circle earrings are made from sterling silver, nickel free. ..

Medine Earrings

2,800 Kč
Unique & fresh mix&match earrings made of sterling silver, nickel free. The ball earring ..

Medine Necklace

3,290 Kč
Unique silver pendant on a sleek long snake chain. The Medine Necklace is a handmade silver pendant ..

Yayla Earrings

1,490 Kč
Small & very light silver studs. Soft organic shape and lightweight for everyday wear, or you ca..

Azelea Necklace

5,200 Kč
A clean & architectural necklace made of sterling silver paired with a long solid silver th..

Jade Ring

2,700 Kč
Unique statement ring made of sterling silver, nickel free. The surface of the ring is partly oxi..

Sandra Earrings

3,400 Kč
The Sandra earrings are modern and minimal mismatched pieces in matte silver. Big geometric earr..

Orange Lake Ring

2,900 Kč
Beautiful statement ring made of 925 sterling silver, nickel free.Bold yet very comfortable, this ri..

Stana Earrings

2,300 Kč
Wax curved bold & fresh earrings made of solid sterling silver.Approximate weight of each earrin..

Stana Ring

2,200 Kč
Wax curved asymmetric silver ring.Handmade to order with custom sizing, please allow up to 14 days f..

Nuria Ring

2,400 Kč
Statement ring made of 925 sterling silver, nickel free. Large yet light weight, this ring has a ..
1,490 Kč
5,200 Kč
2,700 Kč
2,200 Kč
2,400 Kč
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