Vika Mayzel is a young jewelry designer and a nomad that travels from place to place. Born in Ukraine, she then studied in Israel and later moved to Czech Republic, where she now lives and creates new works, including her latest collection Santana. Mayzel creates contemporary jewelry pieces, finding a perfect balance between ever trendy minimalism and tribal aesthetics; between bold geometry and a traditional amulet, good-luck charm and a war blade showing from its scabbard. Santana collection was partially inspired by the works of swiss artist Jean Tinguely – and was even named after one of his kinetic sculptures, repeating in a way, though on a smaller scale, lightness and mobility of Tinguely’s shapes. Santana also shows the development of Mayzel’s own style: while staying true to her signature sharp corners, she abandons visually heavy black designs in favor of more light summer’y vibe. From blades and amulets Mayzel’s pieces suddenly transform into petals, leaves and spiral stems, presenting us with even more reasons to try them on.

Photography: Evgenia Vradiy

Text: Katia Rabey

Model: Stana





Perception is collection of various unique statement necklaces. Each piece is one of the kind work In this collection, Vika strives to create evocative wearable objects, made mostly from sterling silver, horsehair and leather with a particular focus on the tactile and physical aspects. Place and time are documented through the process of making, and transforming through the objects ideas, feelings and memories from the childhood.

Photography: Evgenia Vradiy, Vojtech Pavelcik

Model: Maria